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At Campeys of Selby, we can offer you a broad range of cost-effective and comprehensive logistics services – from general haulage to glass specialised loads. We run a fleet of modern trucks, all maintained by the main dealer. All our vehicles and trailers are fully equipped with modern tracking systems, and forward-facing cameras, thus all movements being monitored by our operations centre, giving our customers the ease of knowing exactly where their load is at all times.

All the vehicles are operated by highly committed and experienced staff.  All our drivers & staff receive key training on a regular basis to update their essential knowledge and keep their professional skills to a due level.

We believe in taking our share of responsibility for preserving the natural environment, thus we use more environmentally-friendly vehicles wherever possible. We aim at minimising the environment impact by better logistics services, fuel economy measures and increased use of vehicles that meet Euro 6 emissions standard.

Since the year 2000, Campeys of Selby has been involved in charity work in Belarus in Eastern Europe. We have been going there twice a year with one of our vehicles taking aid to support the children and their families, whose lives are affected not only by the situation in the country but also by the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident.

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